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Happy Birthday Dad - We Miss You.

By Dr G · March 3, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Cheers!Today my dad would have turned 69.  He last celebrated his birthday at age 64.  Since we lost him he has gained two grandsons, Tommy, 4 and Nate, 1.  It is hard to belive it has been 4 1/2 years since we lost him.  As a measure of perspective, he never knew what an iphone or facebook was.  He would have loved the iphone and its apps.  He would have been all over Facebook sharing his travel photos and linking to nonsense on the internet.  I sometimes think we may have been able to convince him to move to Colorado (at least during the summer), and I sure miss all of the winters we may have visited him in Florida.  This summer we'll start Tommy on some real golf lessons and see if he has Grandpa Tom's genes.  While I miss him every day, it is sadder for me to think about what he is missing out on.  That just goes to show how much he loved life.  Hopefully someday we'll be able to visit the cottage named after him at this Vineyard in South Africa: http://www.silkbush.com/kingsbury/

Each time I blog about my dad I realize that I have the same crop of photos to choose from.  In some ways I love seeing the same dad that I remember, but most of the time it is profoundly sad that there will never be any new photos of him.  As he would say, "Rats".  Happy Birthday Dad.

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December 2011 - Happy Chrismakkuh!

By Dr G · December 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Happy Holidays!

Goodmans 2011As we decorated our house for the holidays this year we reflected on our life ~ It is hard to believe that we have been in our home in Denver for over 6 years.  When we moved in it was a big, old house built in 1895.  Six years later after the arrival of Tommy & Nate it feels like a small old house!  Each year goes faster and faster, but also gets more and more fulfilling.  This year is no exception.

Tommy, 4

In August, Tommy started preschool at Lincoln Elementary, a public Montessori school just two blocks from our house.  He likes the program very much and his teachers say that he shows interest in nearly every project in front of him.  They stay this makes him a 'broad scope' learner.  He loves throwing the football and has adopted the Broncos as his favorite team.  He knows that daddy's team is the Lions and mommy's team is the Vikings.  I think he really likes having his own team to root for.  Tommy really likes having a little brother.  I can't believe they have been sharing a room since Nate was only 8 weeks old.  They love it!  Tommy is very into 'Cars' especially Lightning McQueen and Francesco, he also likes polar bears, superheros, racecars and rocketships.

Nate, 1

Nate has spent the last year growing!  He started at 7.5 pounds and is up to about 18.5 pounds at just over 12 months old.  He's an eater too.  He has given up 'baby food' and is eating everything.  His favorite food right now is scrambled eggs.  I think he'd eat a dozen if we let him.  Nate started crawling at 11 months and is really good at it.  He is pulling up and 'cruising' a lot.  Hard to say when he will walk, maybe in a month or so.  He loves his brother a lot, and they play really well together.  Nate is a very verbal baby - he says Ball, daddy, bottle, mama, doggie and several other words that all sound the same!  Nate loves balls, baths and bottles.

Joe & Lisa

Joe began a new venture in November.  He joined Rural Physicians Group as the Director of Operations.  RPG is a great group to work for & with.  He enjoys being a valuable part of a forward-thinking team.  He brings Lyle to work with him every day, all the way to his office in the basement!  We love having Joe working from home.  Joe also ran the Denver Half Marathon in October.  His Lions are looking ok this year (finally!) and he's hoping for some post season success.

Lisa just celebrated the 5 year anniversary of Washington Park Chiropractic, Inc.  Our practice now has two full time chiropractors, two full time massage therapists, a billing administrator and an office manager.  We are continuing to grow and establishing ourselves as a healthcare leader in the community.  I love working 4 days per week and spending Thursdays with my kids.  I spent much of my free time this year golfing (I beat Joe a few times) and reading.  Finally read all of the Harry Potter books and loved the Hunger Games!

We sincerely love all of our Denver friends and our family around the country.  We look forward to another 6+ years here in West Wash Park, Denver.

Enjoy the Holidays and 2012!

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Tommy & Nate: May 2011

By Dr G · May 26, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Tommy is 3 1/2 years old and he is so chatty & smart.  Just the other morning he said "Daddy, You and I both have toothbrushes".  On the face of it not that impressive, but to say 'you and I' - I was stunned.  Not only that but he can write his name with some legibility (although sometimes it is sideways) and gets dressed every morning alone.  He goes potty, picks his clothes, puts his jammies in the hamper and gets dressed.  He even tries to comb his hair, but you can imagine how that goes.  He is nice boy and very funny.  His imagination is amazing.  He loves making "rocket ships" out of laundry baskets and "forts" out of every blanket in the house.  He's for the most part done with naps but likes to have quiet time in his fort with some of his stuffed animals (or "guys").  Tommy will be starting pre-school in August.  He will be very sad to leave his friends at the child development center.  He's known most of them since he was 6 months old.  But they will all be heading off to different elementary schools soon.  He's going to be in a 3 year old preschool at Lincoln Elementary.  It is just two blocks from our house.  He'll stay at Lincoln through 6th grade.  The entire program is Montessori.  Among other things Montessori means that he'll be with the same teacher in the same room for three years.  Each year the older kids move up and a group of young ones come in.  Its a great way for them to learn from older kids and help teach younger ones.  Tommy is still playing soccer, this was his third season and we start the Summer season soon.  He loves the active time with his friends and scoring goals.  He also loves picking dandelions (so cliche'!)  Tommy loves being a big brother now that Nate is more active.  He likes to make him laugh and 'fuzz' his guys on Nate's tummy.  They are doing an amazing job sharing a room.  We have loved it.  So nice to only have one room to tidy at the end of the day.

Nate had his 6 month appointment today.  He was in the 80th percentile for height and the 25th for weight (16.5 lbs).  He's about a pound heavier than Tommy at the same age (even thought Tommy was two pounds heavier at birth!)  Nate likes tummy time because he has a great view from there.  He also loves playing on his back and hanging on to his feet for dear life.  Nate is babbling like crazy.  Tommy always asks "Mom, what is Nate saying?  I don't understand him".  It makes me laugh because it wasn't too long ago that we didn't know what Tommy was saying!  Nate has a great temperment and is very relaxed.  Today in a team meeting at my office he fell asleep sitting in Dr. Jake's lap!  We didn't even notice until we looked over and he was out cold!  He is also doing great at the child development center.  The teachers in his room (the Muppet room) just adore him.  I'm sure they say that to everyone.  His room has babies from about 3 months to 10 months.  It is absolutely crazy walking in there because most of the babies have tons of hair!  It's almost like they are all wearing toupes.  Seriously cute.  I can't wait to watch them grow up together.  Until they are 3 and have to go to pre-school anyway.  Nate is SLOWLY getting a tooth on the bottom left.  He's drooling like crazy.  Otherwise he seems to be managing quite well.  We are about to expire our favorite swing because he is really working on sitting up.  Luckily the swing has a new home ready to take it in.  He's not that into the exersaucer yet, but we keep trying.

Today was a Mommy, Tommy & Nate day as is every Thursday.  I love having my time with the boys.  Most Thursdays we are at the Zoo, museum, park or on a playdate.  Today was a playdate, work meeting & pediatrician.  It is really nice to have this time with them.

I know we aren't supposed to compare our children but I can't help it!  Here they both are at 6 months old:

Tommy at 6 months Nate at 6 months

And here is Tommy now at 3 1/2:

Tommy and his Guys


Nate is 6 Months Old!

By Dr G · May 19, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

It has been a great, fun 6 months with our two boys.  Here are some great pics of Nate over the last 6 months.  I'll follow this post up with some movies & photos of Tommy!  At 6 months Nate is sitting up with help and rolling from back to front and front to back.  He's cooing, smiling, laughing and sleeping well.

Nate is 4 Months Old!

By Dr G · March 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Nate is about 4 1/2 months old today.  He is enjoing the life of a baby.  Starting to grab at and hold onto small, light toys.  He is very engaged and will look around after voices and lights.  He can sit supported and his neck is pretty stable at this point.  He also likes the Bumbo seat alot.  He is enjoying tummy-time because he tries really hard to turn over.  What a baby!  He's sleeping all night from about 630pm-7am.  He and Tommy are doing so awesome sharing a room.  Nate is cooing an awful lot too.  Who knows what he is saying, but he sure seems to.

Nate 4 Months

Tommy is growing up too fast.  Age 3 is like a different kiddo every day.  He is really into this youtube video about a duck and a lemonade stand.  He throws around the occasional bad word (yikes!).  He knows how to work our iphones and play games - so advanced!  Tommy is also doing great on the sleeping front.  He is about done napping but has some quiet time each day.  Some cute sayings these days "huh?"  "That's GREEN for me!"  "Those wheels are not wrorking and that's why they are broken".

Tommy 3 1/2

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Do they look alike? Tommy & Nate at the same age.

By Dr G · March 13, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Nate just turned 4 months old.  Every day at my office I get asked by patients "does he look like Tommy at that age?"  So here we go.  A new game I like to call "Tommy & Nate at the Same Age".  Ok, it's not really a game, but its kind of fun for us to go back three years and see what Tommy looked like at the same age.  This is particularily easy for us because they are actually exactly three years apart in age (meaning Tommy turned 4 months in March three years ago!)  Easy.  Here we go.



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Nate is 2 Months Old!

By Dr G · January 13, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

On Monday Nate has his 2 month appointment with the pediatrician.  He weighs in at 10lbs, 14oz and has grown 2 inches since his last appointment.  He's in the 34% for weight and 70% for height.  Very healthy and meeting all of his milesones including smiling, cooing and even a little laughing.  Our sweet little boy is also sleeping 8-9 hour stretches and waking only once.  He sleeps from 6:30pm until about 3am and then again at about 7am.  He's almost ready to join Tommy in 'their' room.  We are just working on getting Tommy to willingly agree to that.  It might take a new dinosaur, but I think he'll come around.

Nate has been coming to work with Mommy for the two days per week I am there.  In Feb he will start at Tommy's 'school' daycare three days a week.  I am really so luck to be able to bring him to work with me.  Hard to believe he's already two months old.

Nate 2 Months

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Happy New Year!

By Dr G · January 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


Photo by: Sarakaramphotography.com

We had a really nice two weeks here at home!  Having so much time off work to spend with the boys was really nice.  Tommy and dad spend a few days shovleing the walks for the first time all winter.  Nate did a lot of sleeping and cooing.  He is 8 weeks old this week and starting to have more awake time.  Our family Xmas photo above pretty much tells the story of this holiday season.  We missed our familes this year, but had a wonderful time getting to know our newest addition and hanging out together.

My Birth Story

By Dr G · December 27, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

My Birth Story

Dr. Lisa Goodman, DC

Every mom has a birth story; the story of how their child came into the world.  Most of the time birth stories start with one of the following: “I had an epidural”, “I went drug-free”, “I had a scheduled C-Section”, “I had to be induced”, etc.  The birth story of my youngest son starts when I was 6 months pregnant and began training for his birth.  Yes that’s right, training.  I compare childbirth to a marathon.  The way I see it, if you have a plan and train for a few months before a marathon, you will likely fare much better than the runner next to you at the starting line who woke up that morning and said ‘I am just going to run and see how it goes’.  I hear that a lot when it comes to birth.  Many women say “I’d like to go without an epidural, so I will see how it goes”.  While I applaud the intention, I now realize that there is a lot more to having an easy, comfortable, natural birth than just good intention.

My Plan

My plan was to have an easy, comfortable, natural birth.  The reason I knew this was possible was threefold:

  1. I know friends and patients who have had successful easy, comfortable and natural births
  2. I read several books details stories of easy, comfortable and natural births (Ina May Gaskin’s Midwifery, Marie Mongan’s Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within)
  3. My primary care provider was a midwife who attends easy, comfortable and natural births

The reason many women don’t know its possible for birth to be easy, comfortable and natural is because our society unfortunately focuses on the pain of birth.  Think of all of the times you have seen birth portrayed in movies or on TV.  There is always screaming, pain, begging for epidurals.  This has a profound affect on how we as pregnant women set our expectations of birth.

Preparing for Labor

Once I had decided that it was possible to have an easy, comfortable and natural birth I had to formulate a plan of action.  I chose to use Hypnobirthing to train for the big day. Hypnobirthing principals include

  • The power of the mind and its influence on the outcome
  • Deep relaxation
  • Visualization

Perhaps most importantly, the Hypnobirthing technique details the history of birth and how in many cultures now and in the past, women do not view birth as a medical event, but as a natural part of life.  Women in many parts of the world do not talk about ‘pain’ when discussing birth and they have very low rates of epidural use, other interventions and c-sections.

I entered labor with the understanding that my body and my baby know how to be born without intervention.  That sounds simple, but I spend months turning this desire into a belief.  It would be like a runner waking up and saying with conviction “I want to finish this marathon in under 4 hours” but without training that is not realistic.  Desire and intention will only take you so far in birth, training will turn those desires into the fabric of who you are and into beliefs.

In addition to training with hypnobirthing, I hired a doula (birth coach) to stay with me through the entirety of my labor and delivery.  Tip: my doula was my hypnobirthing teacher, it was very valuable to have a birth coach who was exactly in sync with my birth plan.

The Big Day

My due date was November 3, but my baby boy waited an entire week, until November 10th to make his appearance!  The week of waiting was difficult due to the anticipation, but I had confidence that the baby knew when he was ready to be born and my Midwife agreed that there was no reason to think about induction.  I was slightly nervous because my first baby born three years earlier arrived on his due date and weighed 9 1/2 pounds!  I could only imagine what this little guy would weigh being a week late!

It was 1:00 in the afternoon when I was taking a nap that I started to feel some fairly regular contractions.  I continued to rest for about 30 minutes and then called my husband to come home.  When he arrived we called the doula who arrived at about 2:30.  The three of us took a walk for about a mile and by then the contractions were lasting about 30 seconds and were 5 minutes apart.  We were on our way. . .or so we though.  Everyone tells you that your second baby will come faster than your first, and our first was born after just 8 hours of labor.  Well, at around 5pm things were slowing down so I decided to call my acupuncturist and friend, Lisa Bullis to see if she would make a house call to get things going.

Lisa arrived at 6:30 and stuck me in some points that were supposed to help labor “if your body is ready”.  Well, by 7:30 nothing really was happening so we sent the doula and acupunctuist home.  We said we’d call if things picked up.  I should note, that still to this point I had no discomfort, the contractions really felt like my uterus was ‘hugging’ my baby.

At 8pm I was ready for some TV to get my mind off of the fact that this labor was going nowhere and was not going to be faster than my first!  We settled in to watch Survivor and I had some ice cream.  After the show at around 9:00 I felt that the contractions were picking up again.  I plugged in my hypnobirthing recordings on my ipod and laid down.  I laid down because I figured if this was the real thing, the contractions would continue to get more frequent in spite of me laying down.  And they did.  My husband called our doula to return and she arrived at about 10:15.

At 10:30pm my husband and doula decided that we should head to the hospital.  I was doing fine and really wanted to stay home, but the contractions were about 1+ minutes long and were about 5 minutes apart.  I couldn’t argue with them so off we went.  We arrived at Swedish at 10:45 and spend about 15 minutes at registration in the ER.  We walked up to Labor and Delivery and got settled into the delivery room at 11pm.  After the monitor was strapped on and vital signs were taken my water broke at 11:15.  Just 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital at 11:29pm, during one pretty long contraction, baby Nathan Kingsbury Goodman was born.  Yes, that’s right, he was born during one contraction!

Oh, and for being a week late, Nathan still only weighed 7 lbs 10 oz!  Proof to me that babies truly are born when they are ready.  And my labor lasted 11 1/2 hours which was longer than my first labor with Tommy.  But due to hypnobirthing I would estimate that any discomfort I had was only during the last 45 minutes and even then it was probably only moderate discomfort.

Some Cool Things

Some of the coolest things about Nathan’s birth were. . .

  • Our midwife was so happy with the ease of the birth that she allowed me to pick up Nathan and put him on my chest right after he came out.  She never even touched him!
  • We spent 2 hours with Nathan after his deliver before he was even weighed or taken out of our arms.
  • At no point during the birth did anyone tell me how far dilated or effaced I was.  I just listened to my body and followed it’s lead.
  • After Nathan was born any discomfort was gone!  There was no epidural aftermath, no back pain, no numbness in the legs, no nothing.  Just happy, healthy baby.
  • Nathan didn’t cry when he was born.
  • We left the hospital after 15 hours at 5 pm the next day.
  • Nathan didn’t spend any time in the nursery, he was in our room the entire time.
  • There were 5 people in the delivery room: Me, my husband, our doula, our midwife and the nurse.  It was a quite and calm room.

Credit where credit is due:

Doula: Jacie Gonzales

Midwife: Anne Walters, CNM

Acupunctuist: Lisa Bullis. Lac

Happy Birthing!

Dr. Lisa Goodman, DC

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Sad Tommy, Happy Nate!

By Dr G · December 21, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Poor Tommy found out the consequences of 'jumping on the bed' last weekend.  Good thing it wasn't too serious.  This is a few days later, not looking so bad at this point.  Poor Tommy


Nate is starting to smile and coo!  This is such a fun age.  Hard to believe he is 6 weeks old tomorrow!Nate Smiling

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